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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 1:22 pm

These rules cover the site as a whole and thus apply to EVERYBODY (yes staff included). These rules ARE subject to change. All changes to rules will be posted, so that there is no surprise or confusion.

1) RESPECT ALL MEMBERS!!!! This is VITALLY important to the site's wellbeing. Do not run about insulting every person you meet. There is a fine line between joking and harassment. Do not cross that line.

2) RESPECT STAFF!! I realize this is almost like restating number one, but people seem to need a reminder. Don't argue with staff. You're allowed to make your case on something, and explain yourself. Of course you are. But do not argue with them. If they say "Drop it." or "Change this." or whatever, do it. If you really feel you have been treated unfairly, PM Valintine and it will be discussed and handled.

3) Do NOT post on another member's application for ANYTHING if you are a member. Only staff may comment on applications.

4) No autohitting or godmodding. I REALLY shouldn't have to say this, but I do. If you do not know what this it, then I'll quick explain. It's claiming you hit without giving the opponent a chance to response. Meaning you posted the attack and claimed a hit all in the same post. Not okay. You can only call an attack. On the flip side, you cannot dodge everything or never die. If it's a kill shot, it's a kill shot.

5) The exception to number four. If you're in a fight and the other person has not responded for two days (48 hours) you are allowed to make another post claiming a hit with your last attack. Your attack in that post may be a killing shot but MAY NOT be an autohit. If the person hasn't responded after another 24 hours, you may post again claiming a hit.

6) The MINIMUM posting limit is 5, full length, well made, sentences.

7) Usernames must reflect the character name. Whether it's the last name, first name, middle name, whatever. It has to be their name, not a nickname.

Cool NO CANON CHARACTERS!!! End of story.

9) Stick to your character's personality! Do not claim he is shy if you're going to have him running around naked in the city screaming about their sex life.

10) DO NOT create a topic with no intention of following up with. Topics must have AT LEAST three posts in them before anyone can leave.

11) This site is rated R, MA, whatever you wanna call it. Bottom line, your allowed to post blood and gore, as well as swears. If you are going to make a sexual thread then please state so in the thread by putting (Thread title) = XXX. Also every post that has something sexual in the thread must be covered by a spoiler.

12) You must reply to or acknowledge anyone who joins your thread!!! Leave nobody out. If someone comes into your topic and approaches your group or whatever, acknowledge them. It's not that difficult and it's just rude not to.

13) Pictures in the C-box must be in link form, or in a spoiler. Do not post the picture itself. Also, NO porn pictures. This will result in a IP ban. Forummotion has made this rule, and as our provider it will be enforced.

14) You MUST leave a notice in the "Hello and Goodbye" area if you will be away for a few days. If your schedule is going to get hectic and you may not be on as much...You don't have to leave a notice, BUT it is STRONGLY recommended you do to avoid confusion, assumptions, so on and so on.

15) It is PREFERRED, that avatars be your character's picture. (doesn't have to be the same one on your profile), but it isn't a must have. Your avatar can be just about anything. It CANNOT be anything sexual, racist, or derogatory to sexual preference or religion.

16) NO HYBRID CHARACTERS!!! This means you cannot have a half vampire half lycan. You cannot have a half fey half vampire. Half human half vampire. Whatever. Can't do hybrids. All or nothing.

17) NO posting order OUTSIDE of combat. When in combat, there is a posting order. Otherwise, don't worry about skipping anybody. There's no posting order.

As stated above. These rules are subject to change. Punishment on rules depend on severity. Breaking a rule three times will result in a IP ban.
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Site Rules
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