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 Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte

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PostSubject: Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte   Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 2:21 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Kaelos Morte

Alias: Blood Solstice

Gender: Female

Age: 1,999

Visual Age: 20

Race: Mistress Vampiress

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Blood Type: N/A

Birth Date: July 24th

Star Sign: Leo

Extra Information: She goes by Kaelos when she’s in her usual form and her "real form" goes by Blood Solstice.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte 1191f110

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lbs

Body Type: Curvy

Extra Feature: None

Extra Clothing/Gear:
Usual Outfit
Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte 1c529f10

Xmas Outfit
Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte 48759a10

Casual Dress
Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte A8d93210

Formal Dress
Kaelos "Blood Solstice" Morte F8916310


Personality: She hates when she isn't in control of whatever she's doing at that moment. She also refuses to be under anyone's rule and hates when people think that she is. She is portrayed as a headstrong, independent, sarcastic, well-mannered girl. If she is challenged or if placed in an uncomfortable position she will speak it. She can sometimes come off as cocky when her abilities are challenged, and she is not afraid to enter a fight if she knows she can handle it. Kaelos’ temper is displayed silently; therefore, when she is mad, it will often be kept in a hushed tone. She can be rather disrespectful and demanding when she wants to be and tends to push people away not wishing for people to get close to her. While she can be very strong willed and stubborn like her father, yet she also has a sweet loving and innocent side of her. She is very open but wise beyond her years. Kaelos is very adventurous and likes to rebel. If she is told something she will most likely do the opposite unless she is given really good reasons as to why she cannot do that thing. Sometimes she can be quite a handful but she knows when to stop. She is very determined to learn everything that is put before her and she doesn’t stop until she learns it. She is also very open-minded to a lot of new ideas. She is a very loyal woman to those that she lets close to her. She is a rather prideful person. She backs down from no one and enjoys playing mind games with people even through battle. Kaelos is also a person never to back down unless there is no logical choice. She can plan and think her way through her fighting which makes her very dangerous. She holds an air of importance and command wherever she goes; with family and friends she could turn out to be quite playful and lovable. She enjoys taunting others and leaving them thinking.

Blood Solstice is a form of Kaelos that is considered to be her most dangerous form and has existed ever since she was born. One could say that Blood Solstice is the most deadly form of Kaelos and also her coldest. As Blood Solstice, Kaelos is rather cold and sadistic towards anyone she meets. She could care less of what your status is or who you are. Her only goal in life is to get whatever she has set on her mind done and she takes her goals very seriously. If she wants to kill someone consider yourself her number one target for the day. Upon all of this being said, Blood Solstice finds excitement in torturing others beyond their wildest dreams. She will take in tactics that no other being has done before in order to get her entertainment. Killing is also something that she takes a high interest upon, so consider yourself lucky if you’re just tortured – she just might find a way to kill you in a whole new form of manner if she truly hates your guts. Blood Solstice is also a rather calm person at first glance. She has the patience for people that Kaelos seemed to fail to have. It takes a whole lot of talent in order to get her mad, for she will normally shrug it off if she finds it pointless. Blood Solstice is also rather less talkative than Kaelos is. Chances are you will hardly see her talk more than ten sentences of talking (even ten is a lot for her). Blood Solstice also seems to have a strong hatred towards children, romance, and family members in this form. She could care less about family or any of these things as she finds it senseless. One could say that she is the exact opposite of Kaelos and to describe her all in one word one could say that she is simply psychotic. When she has her mind set on something, she will go as far as trying to kill her own family members if they interfere with no remorse.

Likes: Sex, Red Wine, Bravery, Mind Games

Dislikes: Idiots, Cowards, Weaklings, Losing Control, Blood Solstice

Goals: Find her perfect match (Strength/intelligence wise as well as in a sexual and love nature)

Fears: Tarantulas

Extra Information: She only changes her personality when she goes into her "real form", which is that of Blood Solstice.


Kaelos is the only daughter of Tyrael and Lorelael Morte. The couple were nothing more than common vampires, although unlike the hoards of vampires, they had the power to grow in rank. By the time Tyrael became one of the personal guards to the Morte Family, Lorelael was pregnant with Kaelos. Due to the work load her father had, he was unable to be present for her birth and unable to stop Lorelael from bleeding to death. He found his daughter in his wife's arms, the vampire mid wife no where to be seen. Although he very much blamed Kaelos for the loss of Lorelael for much of her early life, he took her in knowing that he would be punished by his wife in the next life if he left their daughter to die. Even though he accept her as his daughter, he had a very hard time connecting to her and quite often left her to fend for herself as he worked. Kaelos learned very quickly how tough live was in the Family and did what she could to survive. It wasn't until her power was revealed and her ability to learn from others quickly did her father try to get to know his daughter.

Her real training began then, learning of how her mother used to fight, as well as what her father knew. In between her training and study times, she often peaked over the wall to the mansion, curious about what all the fuss was about the family there. What she saw there was two men fighting, brothers even. She was mesmerized by the both of them, but her eyes focused mainly on the younger. This became a common occurrence, in which she would disappear for hours at a time just to watch them only to come home and joke to her father that one day she would impress the younger male and marry him. Over time, she snuck out to watch this male for more than just his training, wondering just what he was like. What she didn't realize was that she wasn't hiding all that well and that he had noticed her many times by now. Kaelos pushed herself harder and harder to find something that might impress him, so that she could make him hers, no matter how foolish she was being.

The young vampiress plucked a flower and went searching around for the man she wanted. Strangely, she was able to trace him to another area, something which shocked herself and made her wonder if maybe this was part of the reason she felt she needed him in her life. A bond that even she could not comprehend. She found him in a forest area, staring at her as she entered. Needless to say the woman was completely embarrassed that he knew she was coming there. Striking up the courage her mother gave her, she strolled to him and offered him the flower. It was an object of affection that possibly only he could understand and accepted, but not before pulling her close and taking her first kiss from her. For some reason, this set off a stubborn side inside of her, causing her to lash out at him. Of course, she was no match for him and was quickly subdued.

In that forest was were the bond was sealed; Kaelos became the wife of Ryoichi Tenchi Yoshyuki, leader of the Family. She went back with him to the mansion, as he fully intended of having his wife live with him no matter what his family said. Law Kyo did not like this arrangement in the least, hating Kaelos the moment he met her. He tried everything he could think of to break the two apart, but Tenchi would not have it. That said, Tenchi would not fight his brother and only defended his wife. After many arguments between the three, it was found that Law could do nothing more. The three enjoyed a simpler life for her first few years, the complete opposite of how she grew up.

It is unknown to Kaelos why Law did this other than to separate her from Tenchi, but Law fought Tenchi. The outcome of this fight? Tenchi was left with little to no memory of Kaelos, as well as other things being sealed from him. Kaelos went looking for her husband, only to be attacked by a group of werewolves. She was captured. For years she was tortured into thinking that she was all alone and that no one cared for her. This was the darkest times of Kaelos' life and the only way she could save herself from breaking was to create a separate consciousness inside of her. Blood Solstice was born in the dungeons of hell, manipulating her captors however necessary. This meant that Blood Solstice slaughtered countless innocents and slept with whoever could keep her alive.

The ultimate goal of this group was to turn her against her family. In this they were completely successful, as when she was ready, she returned to them. She went to her homeland, trying to draw her former husband in. He came of course, and the two fought as he slowly began to remember her. He knew this was not the Kaelos that he had loved and with that in mind, did everything to protect both his family and her by trying to snap her from her darkness. After their brief fight and some explanations given, Kaelos was able to control herself better, though she still feared she would hurt the others. She wanted to seal her dark side away, but not before it told Tenchi exactly what went on whilst she was missing. Both were hurt beyond words, but he had forgiven her. They had both done things without each others knowledge and were even. Whilst restoring the broken bond between the two of them, Kaelos gave Tenchi back the memories he was missing, making him whole again. But soon he was killed by some werewolves, leaving her to be the Mistress Vampiress for their blood line. She left for Las Vegas, Nevada as she knew that the place would be the best for her to live out her life.

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