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PostSubject: Site Plot   Site Plot I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 1:25 am

The human government is walking on a sensitive topic. With the original government dead, new boys and girls step into place. Ones whom were originally apart of Humans First. The legal status of Vampires is being debated. A bill was presented, and if passed Vampires will cease to be legal citizens meaning one would not need a warrant to kill them. The Vampire Council is helpless to have any sway over the humans in this matter. The new government refuses to deal with the the Vampire Council and has gone as far as to issue Death Warrants for them if they ever set foot in America. They may be old, but the slightest slip up on Vampire's part could mean the end of their citizenship.

Lycans are also being looked into. With a rise in Lycanthrope outbreaks, including in schools, Humans First has decided to extend their targets to the Lycans of America. If the second bill pases, anyone found with Lycanthrope disease would be allowed to be discriminated against meaning they'd be kicked out the Military, evicted from homes, lose their jobs, and possibly even killed openly.

However, Humans First has always, and will always, target Vampires over anything or anyone else. And so it is the vampires that are suffering most during this time. The Masters of the Cities are under pressure from the Council to be on their best behavior. Any problems of the smallest nature could result in an automatically passed bill...
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Master of the City

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot   Site Plot I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 1:42 pm

The plot can go one of TWO directions, or even a mixture of both, based upon how the members acts. Because Humans First is a group that is primarily against Vampires, the plot choices will primarily depend upon the actions of the Vampire group. Of course...that doesn't mean other races can't influence the decisions as well...

Plan A :: The vampires have been monitored and deemed a threat to America. Their actions have been seen as ruthless, impulsive, irrational, and there is little to be done about it except kill them. The bill has been passed. Vampires can be legally killed now WITHOUT a death warrant. The only thing the vampires can do is die alone or ban together...

Plan B :: The vampires have proven that they are capable of working with humans and upholding the law that the government as set forth. While the government is split on this issue, the bill has been shot down...However, it is now the Lycanthropes who are being targeted. With the failed attempt to hit Vampires, Humans First has decided to persecute Lycanthropes. What does this mean for them? It means they are the ones who may be killed without a warrant. Lycanthropes are forced to make a choice. Fight back, or fall back?

Plan C :: Both Vampires and Lycans have shown that they are not to be trusted. The bill to revoke Vampires' citizenship has passed. Vampires can be openly killed. In the streets, at the dentist, at the park. Lycanthropes can now be fired from their jobs, terrorized, killed if one can do so. Will these two forces ban together to take down the greater evil? Or will they continue to fight alone?

Remember. It is your actions that determine which plot line we go to. Players who become heavily involved in the plot will have their name in said plot line.
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Site Plot
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