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 Zenkichi, Hitoyoshi

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Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

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PostSubject: Zenkichi, Hitoyoshi   Zenkichi, Hitoyoshi I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 5:33 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Zenkichi, Hitoyoshi

Alias: Crimson Butterfly

Gender: Male

Age: 1,829

Visual Age: 23

Race: Vampire

Type: Master Vampire

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Blood Type(Optional): B positive

Birth Date(Optional): March 12th

Star Sign(Optional): Pisces

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Clothes: Originally Zenkichi was born in japan during the era of the samurai or to better say the true beginning of the samurai as they were not well known at the time. As such his style of clothing has developed from that time to the present time so he could do as much as possible to blend in with humans. Being born a mere peasant Zenkichi was given the clothes of a laborer, worn down kimono's that were not fit for anyone to really wear but for most of his life he did not care. As he grew older Zenkichi wanted more from life so he took what he wanted on the battlefields, his signature armor was a bright red like the color of blood that matched his eyes. Now Zenkichi understands he cannot run around in battle armor fit for a samurai as it is not acceptable in this time period though he still has the armor. His clothes now are more modern usually he dresses like the middle class worker of this time, a white cotton T shirt adorns his upper body along with a black sweater jacket. His pants often consist of black jeans but without the tear and wear that the young human folk seem to like so much, his shoes vary on the situation but often he wears black boots with metal toes.

Accessories: Around his neck he wears three different necklaces one is a simple black string necklace with a gold cross instead of silver, the second is another black string necklace with a granite yin and yang symbol carved into it. The last necklace is made up of leather strings crossed over each other with metal carved into the shape of a dragon all around it making it seem as if a silver dragon is curled around his neck. Upon his right hand Zenkichi wears three rings one on the pointer finger, middle and his thumb. The thumb ring is of silver color but not actual silver and is shaped like an oval to fit on his thumb, the top has been encrusted with red marble and green marble. The second ring is of gothic make it is in the shape of angel wings but grey and darkened that run along the length of his middle finger. The last ring upon his middle finger is plain compared to the others, it is silver in color and riddled with cross shaped holes all along it.

Face: Zenkichi's face is one that can draw attention but not overly he is not amazingly handsome or cute in the eyes of most he simply is noticeable. His skin is pale but not overly pale as you see in many of the terrible movies depicting vampires these days, no it would seem to most he is someone who just does not tan well. His ears are not much different from human's though they are a bit more pointed but not overly exaggerated. His eyes must be the thing that stand out most about him, even when human they were bright red almost crimson the color of blood and to this day still are. His hair is a medium brown that is semi long hanging above his shoulders but past his ears most of which hangs down over his left eye.

Body: Zenkichi is not an imposing figure at all one would look at him and think that he is an average person not one to show up on the radar. His body through clothes looks lean but not weak he gives off an animalistic vitality, that most can sense as they look at him. When the clothes are gone they can see he is not some carefree human as his body is marred by the scars of war. There are many thin white lines that cross on his body the worst of his scars is a single line running from his right shoulder over his chest and stomach down to his left hip. His body is not overly muscled like most westerners these days, instead his body holds not a trace of fat upon it, this allows people to see his body while at the same time they will know he isn't trying to show off.

Height(optional): 6'0

Weight(optional): 160

Body Type: Athletic with not a trace of fat.

Extra Feature: Zenkichi has multiple scars along his body and one tattoo placed on the back of his neck half of it being visible as it hangs above the collar of his shirts often.


Extra Clothing/Gear: He does not often wear them but he always has them on him his old armored gloves.



Personality: OVERALL: Zenkichii is a rather odd person at times he can seem to be the nicest of people, but then in an instant he can turn into someone else. He does not suffer from multiple personality syndrome though if you are thinking that. His usual attitude is carefree and aloof to a point where some might think him an idiot. But Zenkichi is not an idiot he chooses to act like this as it makes sure the pressure of trying be something he isn't, doesn't crush him. To most Zenkichi is a rather nice person who will stop to help someone out if it doesn't put him in some kind of danger, if it involves danger and he doesn't have to fight it is simple Zenkichi will not fight. It is quite simple Zenkichi is a nice person at heart but only to a certain extent, so to say if someone whom he did not know was being killed in front of him he wouldn't care one bit as it is not his problem. But this doesn't mean he is a psychopath who goes killing people in fact quite detests killing people so will often give someone the chance to run away before entering 'killing mode'.

With Women: Zenkichi is often flirty and confident he often flirts with any woman without realizing he is actually doing it. He does not get emotionally attached to them as he does not feel love towards anyone he usually just plays around with them and leaves them, if they are willing he keeps them as friends with benefits but either way doesn't matter to him he just likes to 'play'. He treats women like they are mere things to play with but he is not overly cruel with them he explains things to them and lets them choose if want to 'play' with him..

Alone: Often Zenkichii likes to sit in a forest and sing to himself which he will not do in front of people as he doubts his own voice. He thinks being around other people too much disrupts a person's flow or energy and feels that every person needs to be alone for some time so they can release pent up emotions by doing some form of talking even if it is talking to themselves. When alone he will also often talk to himself like he is a different person and constantly argue with himself countering everything he says with something else making people assume he is insane.

Love: Zenkichi is not overly familiar with this feeling be it love as in romance or love for a family member he has not come to understand what drives people to feel this way. He is experienced in sex and mainly satisfies the woman or women he is with but he does not feel love for them as a wife and husband would this is a result of growing up in a highly hostile environment for most of his life. He has tried to understand this feeling but he could never truly feel that way about anyone he had ever met so far as such speaking of love to him is like speaking to a rock about it he doesn't care for it a bit.

Trust: Is something Zenkichi does not have in a single living person to him trusting someone other then yourself is asking for death, this temperament is also due to growing up in a very hostile environment for most of his life. While a person may think Zenkichi has allowed them to understand or get to know his inner workings this is merely a lie or wall that Zenkichi has built in order to placate the person into thinking they truly know him. The only person that truly knows the inner workings of Zenkichi is himself this way no one can ever betray him and cause him the pain his has seen others inflict upon each other. Zenkichi has seen the worst in people and experienced it for himself as such the seed of distrust was placed within him long ago and rooted deep within his personality. As such he may not lie but he will not say everything or he will speak in riddles as being cryptic is also amusing to him.

Likes: Quiet, Nature, Women, Sex, Sour things.

Dislikes: Arrogance, Death, Boredom, Loud things/people.

Goals: To live to see the next day.

Fears: Dying an obscure death.

Extra Information: N/A




Zenkichi was born into a poor family his father was a mere soldier in the army of a nobleman who wanted to take over another village for no reason he just wanted it to have it even though it was another poor village like his own. Upon the movement of the army Zenkichi's father left him and his mother to go to the battle and take over of the other village. Zenkichi was a mere two years old at the time and had no idea what was going on yet oddly enough he cried all night before exhausting himself into a fitful sleep Zenkichi's mother took this to be a bad omen and prayed to the gods that her husband would come home safely. And he did indeed return home safely the other village had been taken down so easily due to the fact that they were so poor they only had a handful of people able to actually fight and even then they were unskilled. But Zenkichi's father had come back differently sure he had seen many battles and people killed but what the army had been ordered to do after the battle was beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

The nobleman had ordered the death of every person within the village women, children, elderly people, everyone that was not from the army was to be killed. They hung the women and children from the tree's as they made the elders kneel on the ground before being beheaded while watching their loved ones hang in front of their eyes it was too much to bear. Zenkichi's father withdrew into himself and decided he couldn't stand by and watch this any longer he went to the army and spoke to everyone who had been involved in the massacre of the other village when he spoke to them he learned most of them felt the same way but were afraid of being killed. So they devised a plan together to turn against the nobleman in the next big battle and slay him when he was out in the open but it would be many month's before then. When the time finally came Zenkichi was three now the people had waited long and hard as did Zenkichi's father to slay the nobleman and free his family from this man's evil grip so they could be safe once and for all. In the beginning of the battle Zenkichi's father and his men did not charge they turned and attacked the nobleman and his body guards.

Killing all the guards they were about to slay the nobleman when the rest of the army had been beaten in battle and was retreating towards them there was nothing they could do as they were bowled over and pushed away from the nobleman. The nobleman escaped to the dismay of Zenkichi's father and his men they rushed home to try and get their families away from the village but it seemed to nobleman and his army got there first, by the time Zenkichi's father and his men arrived the village had been set ablaze and many were killed. Zenkichi's father and his band of men engaged the army in an attempt to save those who were captured in the attack but ultimately they failed and were killed or captured with the villagers as well. Zenkichi and his mother had been captured instead of killed when the nobleman figured out who they were he was going to use their deaths to torture Zenkichi's father greatly. But Zenkichi's father offered his own pain and suffering for their lives he told the nobleman he would suffer any punishment the nobleman was willing to give him if he let them live. The nobleman laughed and agreed to his terms knowing he would kill the man and then his family anyways, in front of his own army and the villagers as well as Zenkichi and his mother he tortured Zenkichi's father for hours.

But to his shock and dismay the nobleman had run out of ideas and this man was still alive beaten, broken and bloody but he was alive! it shouldn't have been possible. This scared the nobleman to death this man shouldn't be alive it wasn't possible he thought in sheer desperation he took an officers sword and cut the man's head off with a single slice. Finally Zenkichi's father fell to the ground dead and the nobleman laughed seeing as he had won even if he had been scared hell even terrified of the man he was the one alive and not him anymore he was better then that man. Zenkichi's mother watched horrified by the nobleman's actions she couldn't believe he was doing all of this to them as she didn't know what Zenkichi's father had done. The nobleman turned to Zenkichi and his mother now he planned to kill them but when he ordered his men to kill them they hesitated they had seen the will of the father and respected that and the nobleman had said he would let his family live. The nobleman seeing his men so hesitant came to a compromise kill the villagers and the wife and leave the child under the tree where they would hang the villagers. The men agreed and let the child live while slaying everyone else hanging them from the tree in the center of the village, under the tree they left Zenkichi alone wailing into the night under the dead villagers.

Child Arc: A few hours after the massacre of his village and family Zenkichi still lay under the tree of dead people, he was deathly still as the cold of the night began to creep out around him. It was around this time that someone or more accurately put a group of people came upon the destroyed village and the near dead Zenkichi who was starting to turn blue due to the cold. They were at least five hundred strong it was a group of mercenaries who had been tracking this nobleman and his army for a few days they had been hired by a few survivors from the last attack of the army when it had been defeated. It was now that they found him at first the considered it bad luck to pick up a child in the middle of such a place but the kindness won out and the mercenaries took Zenkichi with them this is when Zenkichi was a mere three years old.

Over the years Zenkichi got older and learned the way of the sword from most of the people who had experienced real battles and real death matches. They taught him martial arts and other fighting techniques as well by the time he was eleven Zenkichi wielded a blade better then most men twice or even three times his age. It was the day he turned eleven they allowed him on the battlefield with them within seconds of the charge they saw a frightening potential in Zenkichi he was a demon in human form. His teachers had no idea he could be so fast or strong in battle but the most frightening thing about him was his face he became overwhelmed with the feeling of being so powerful when so many others were weak. He grinned and laughed wildly as he cut down men around him and was drenched in their blood he was taking more pleasure out of killing all these people more so then anything else. He would rush into battle without a second thought for his own safety or anyone elses safety he attacked with a killing blow every time and took any hit needed to make an opening. It was terrifying to the enemies to see such a face and fighting style with someone so young people began to truly think think child was truly the son of a demon and became to call him Crimson Butterfly.

This continued for years until Zenkichi was twenty three by now twelve years of real battle and death matches had honed his current skills to perfection. Now he was recognized on any battlefield he was on as Crimson Butterfly even the noblemen of the county knew his dreaded nickname, but this was merely because they wanted him and his group of mercenaries on their side and not against them. Zenkichi had become something his teachers and friends never wanted him to become he had turned into a killing psychopath he was only happy when he was fighting an enemy it became so bad he couldn't sleep because he needed to fight someone. He began to take one man assignments in order to satisfy his lust for bloodshed he became a killer for hire for anyone if they had the right price it was a disgusting display of power from Zenkichi. His teachers and friends learned of his one man assignments and began to watch him more closely he was breaking down mentally they knew if they didn't help him soon he would completely collapse and attack anyone that came near him.

They wouldn't allow this to happen and decided it was time to intervene in his killing spree, it was a simple job kill the five thieves that had been robbing nobles on the road. But Zenkichi met something far worse the thieves were but a small part of a larger group that had joined together to form a band of thieves nearing near one hundred men in total. Zenkichi wasn't scared or worried it was the opposite he was filled with an overwhelming urge to kill every single one of the bandits by himself even if it cost him his life. His friends and teachers did not learn of this assignment until it was too late and Zenkichi had several hours of a head start on them, by the time they reached the area where the battle had taken place it was over. Zenkichi was leaning against a tree and looked to be dead as he was covered in numerous wounds and covered in his own blood as well as his enemies, he had never felt such joy as he had when slaying one hundred men. His friends and teachers helped him get back to the camp where they treated his wounds and then forced him to sit down and talk with them, they explained he needed to realize what he was becoming and that he needed to control himself before it was too late.

This was wasted on Zenkichi he knew what he was becoming he was savoring every moment of the pure bliss that came when he beheaded an enemy or cut their jugular vein open. They told him if he didn't stop he would become nothing but a dead fool, he ignored their warnings and went into the next battle even with his serious wounds they barely hindered him. During the battle Zenkichi was just getting done dealing with an enemy when a comrade in arms told him the left side was getting destroyed and they needed help he shook the man away and charged towards the left side. But this was all a trick the man was not a comrade in arms he had killed one of Zenkichi's people and dressed in their clothes and armor to fool them all. He lured most of their people over to the left side and then a flaming arrow was shot into the air in landed in the midst of all of them and sparked an explosion that rocked Zenkichi and the mercenaries. Zenkichi himself was blown thirty feet threw the air and into the river next to the battlefield dazed and wounded he couldn't understand what to do as the current pulled him away from the battle. During his drifting Zenkichi went in and out of consciousness during this time he began to hallucinate, he was seeing death the real death who told him he was nothing but a human brat who didn't deserve the name shinigami if he was going to die like this.

Zenkichi roared back in his hallucination that he was a true death god he could kill anyone who got in his way even the shinigami if he had to. The shinigami laughed and told him he had a good spirit so he wouldn't take his life now at least not yet and said he hoped that Zenkichi would greet him as a friend when he came back to came his life. Zenkichi thinks this was a true meeting between himself and a shinigami but no one knows for sure if they did they would never say they did for everyone would think them crazy.

Wandering Arc:

Zenkichi had survived the explosion and due to his wounds he had passed out in the river as it carried him away from the battlefield. He was that day considered dead by both his allies and enemies as he never returned to the base camp. Though many had their doubts as no body was found on that day they believed he had escaped the battle, little did they know he had not escaped he had been nearly killed and got lucky. He awoke on the side of the river his body resting against a tree that had fallen into the river yet was to large for the river to move. He moved slowly dragging himself to the shore before collapsing he had no energy left his body was covered in wounds and his head felt light. He could barely muster the strength to crawl along the shore of the river now as his armor weighed him down, he wondered if the shinigami had let him go just to take him in the night. Had the shinigami even been real he wondered now it was odd to doubt himself but why would it let him go so easily unless it knew he would be back soon must be laughing right now waiting for him to die. He crawled for as long as he could until the last of his strength gave out, in the night he could not tell where anything was but he had finally lost all strength on a dirt road.

As the sun rose the people of a nearby village came out to do their morning work when they discovered the armor clad Zenkichi on the road. Some said they should leave him to die others said they should take him in, it was up to the village elders. They saved him and nursed him back to health not knowing he was actually on the other side of their army he was technically their enemy though he had not harmed any of them. News spread fast about a young warrior who was wounded and being nursed back to health in the village news spread so fast the army heard of it. The enemy army assumed it was some sort of deserter from their army in the last battle they didn't even suspect it was an enemy. The reasoning behind this was because the army Zenkichi had been a part of had been completely destroyed, the explosion had killed almost half of them alone. The enemy had surrounded them and then killed them off with no chance of surrender, as such they thought that everyone that could have been an enemy was dead. This gave Zenkichi the advantage when they came to arrest him a week later, he came out with his crimson armor on and stared at them calmly. The first to fall never even saw the blow coming with a single slice he beheaded a man and then cut down another by gutting him it was like art using the minimal attack to do the maximum amount of damage. They soon realized their mistake the crimson armor and the crimson eyes on the young man gave it away he was the one the enemy called the crimson butterfly.

But he had been reported dead they all thought as he cut them down was he immortal, Zenkichi only had thoughts of death and carnage he wanted to bathe in the blood of his enemies. The soldiers that came to arrest him hesitated till they realized they out numbered him fifty to one even if he was the crimson butterfly he was not immortal. Too bad they held no true warriors for that day they might have defeated him if they had but instead he cut them all down even those who surrendered their weapons. The villagers had all left so when Zenkichi saw a man standing but a few feet from him he assumed it was a soldier. With a bloodcurdling yell of rage and blood lust he charged forward wanting to end it with a single strike, what a fool he was had he not been consumed with rage and killing intent he might have looked closer. Instead of striking down the hooded man he was struck down with a single blow, it had been so fast he never even realized he had been struck until he couldn't move. The blow had been beyond anything Zenkichi had ever felt, he knew instantly that the hooded man could have cut him right in two if he wished to do so. He fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood he looked at it and smiled, it was crimson just like his armor and his eyes what a beautiful color he thought to himself. The hooded man asked why he was smiling in the face of death and Zenkichi laughed saying he had already seen the face of death and said that he would see him again as an old friend instead of a hated enemy.

Turning/Vampire Arc:

The hooded man listened and listened well it had been long since he had heard any human speak directly to him. At the end he laughed hard and loud into the air at the young man's answer, he had never met a human not afraid of death let alone one who claimed to have met death. The young man peaked his interest especially the color of his armor and his eyes they were just like the blood that spilled from his body. He knelt down next to Zenkichi and asked if he would like to cheat death again, Zenkichi laughed coughing up blood while doing so and said if the hooded man could do it then yes. The hooded man nodded as Zenkichi faded into the blissfulness called being unconscious, the hooded man took him from there saving his life. Zenkichi awoke a few days later after being bandaged up and was told that he had been drained once already. It would take two more times to make him like the hooded figure who still had not revealed his name to Zenkichi, which he never did so he turned Zenkichi into a vampire without ever telling his name to him. He only ever called him sensei under the request of the hooded figure who also taught him everything that there was to being a vampire. He also taught the ignorant Zenkichi that there was more to the world then just blood and carnage sometimes you couldn't do that. He gave Zenkichi a more 'worldly' view on everything there was essentially calming the blood hungry young man down rather quickly.

This went on for almost two hundred years just the two of them together traveling the world and learning new things. But Zenkichi had no more to learn from the sensei, the sensei also agreed besides the company they gave each other there was no real reason for them to stay together. So one night they said their farewell to each other and went in opposite directions never to see one another again. Years went by turning to decades and then centuries slowly Zenkichi began to understand things that had escaped him so long ago he was truly such a fool he thought. He watched as the humans grew rapidly through his eyes creating things that would have been considered magic in his time they were quick on creating new things he had to admit. As times changed with everything else Zenkichi stayed the same he was never changing he was always alone. He enjoyed the company of human women they amused him but only for a short time, he got into several underground businesses made quite a bit of money. Which he used to invest in several high end companies which produced more profits, those he threw into high end companies as well by that time he had more money then he knew what to do with. He never flaunted it though as he found that style to be so boring he liked the middle class fashion so much more his style even at this age. Now in the present time he still wanders the world though by jet instead of walking or boat, he isn't searching for anything but hopes to find something though he doesn't know what.
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