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 Danny Rosethorn

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Danny Rosethorn

Danny Rosethorn

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PostSubject: Danny Rosethorn   Danny Rosethorn I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 11:04 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Danny Rosethorn

Alias: the clubs he gets gigs at for his band call him Tech.

Gender: male

Age: 20 yrs old

Visual Age: he ain't no vampireXD

Race: human

Type: normal

Sexual Orientation: gay

Blood Type(Optional): rare blood type: Oh+

Birth Date(Optional): September 19, 1991

Star Sign(Optional): Virgo

Extra Information: Danny has to take medication for Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Height(optional): "5'9"

Weight(optional): 135 lbs

Body Type: Average

Extra Feature: Danny has a tiny scar on his chest and throat from the medical surgery had from a close encounter because of his Tuberculosis.

Extra Clothing/Gear:


Personality: Danny is a kind and gentle man to not only animals, but to those that he cares for as well, he's also very shy when it comes to new people, Danny isn't like most people who are always out there meeting new people like the ones in his band, Danny would rather stay in the background and avoid as little contact as possible.

There is however a kind and threatening side to Danny, especially when he has someone he truly cares for, with Danny he'll do anything to protect that person, even if it means he could get killed himself. Danny if provoked won't back down and will literally give that person a good punch if they piss him off well enough, Danny at most is a faithful brother, friend, and cousin to those around him.

Likes: anything with technology, give him a Ds, and he'll literally take it apart, reading, and music.

Dislikes: being alone really(I know I know...he doesn't like being near others, but he doesn't like being alone either>.> weird ass kid)

Goals: Getting somewhere in life

Fears: Not getting past his Tuberculosis.

Extra Information: He's always seen with large headphones on and what almost looks like a sky mask, but it's really sunglasses when he's backstage listening to music.


Danny is a band producer trying to get any gig he can wherever the band can play he's always there, he'll do anything for his band. Danny though producing wasn't his first choice, he had a plan set for him as a scientist like his father, but he didn't wish to be one after the accident that happened to his father when he was three. When Danny was 3 years old, his father had accidentally mixed two chemicals together, causing them to interact in a very bad way.

An explosion soon came over the house, but no one was killed, his father though suffered from a terrible burn consuming almost the entire right side of his face, Danny not wanting to end up like his father took his interest in both hacking and making of technology, usually coming up with and making new kinds of gadgets and musical instruments for the band. Danny has always been the band producer for Fallen Angel, to him, Fallen Angel is his home and will always be his home.

Danny lives alone, he still maintains some kind of contact with his family, but he won't have any kind of contact with his father, he won't especially what happened with that explosion, Danny finds that scientists are not only important, but that they should realize that sometimes it's not wise to step into God's territory...especially if they could result in having burns like his father.

Also to know about Danny is that he actually the only person that owns a hummingbird, he mostly like to keep the bird outside and letting it wonder about the house, Danny lives in New York, but more where he can let the bird fly around, so he lives near a meadow instead of living in the big city itself, he finds New York to be too noisy, even now he's trying to figure out where to live. As for him being gay, ever single member of the band knows this, especially his cousin, but he finds comfort from the bass guitarist Tabool, since he's also gay, true they had a thing once, but it proved not, and now Danny is happy that Tabool found his lovers, though he does drink a little too much then he should, but still he was happy for Tabool. As for him, Danny usually doesn't like to date others, but there are some that catch his fancy, but like usually he's too shy to actually say or do anything about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Danny Rosethorn   Danny Rosethorn I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 5:12 pm

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Danny Rosethorn
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