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 A place of memories (Open to anyone, no fights)

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Danny Rosethorn

Danny Rosethorn

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PostSubject: A place of memories (Open to anyone, no fights)   Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:07 pm

The club was a crazy and loud as always as the band played on the stage, Danny was lounging in back watching them, he listened to the music in his CD player, the headphones blocking off any sound, it almost looked like he was asleep due to his sunglasses, but he only stared up at the ceiling.

We've always used this place...but we should try out talent somewhere else...though for some reason we bring even bigger paychecks to this it because of the girls....and men...or is it because of the band...ah hell who the fuck cares.... he said still looking at the ceiling.

As though something just happened to be there, he was knocked off of the couch he was lying on, "ow!" he yelped landing hard on the floor, his head hitting the floor first, he could already feel the bump, he looked up to see the owner, "what'd you do that for Marble?!" he grumbled, there were tears already forming in hsi eyes. Marble sqauted down, "come one! Have fun, go and get a drink...stop being so cooked up in here!" she said grabbing him and linking his arm tightly around hers, "eh? W...Wait a minute!!!!"

Danny stared at Marble, when she brought him to the bar, he had his hand in his chin, "alright...what is this about Marble?" he said, she never pulled him from back there, it had to be something important for her to tell him. She smiled at him, "I know what you want to do Danny, you want to expand Angel's Kiss. Why don't you try Club's only a few blocks away from can take the motorcycle your cousin gave you to get there quicker...or are you still afraid of it?" Danny pouted, "I'm not afraid of the motorcycle...I never even heard of Club Hel...wait a minute! Damn it Marble is it one of those vampire know the band doesn't like playing in those kind of places...."he moaned.

Marble growled, "lt's safe...the owner Valintine is a good man...he'll make sure the band isn't touched, why don't you swing on by....alright?"

Danny couldn't refuse her this time, "fine...I'll go...but I'm not so sure about this...just...just don't tell the band...." he said before getting up and walking to the back door to get the motorcycle.

-------------> Club Hel
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A place of memories (Open to anyone, no fights)
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