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 Nathan Taylor

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Nathan Taylor

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PostSubject: Nathan Taylor   Nathan Taylor I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 9:02 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nathaniel Spencer Taylor




Visual Age:


Type: (What kind of Lycanthrope, Human, or Vampire are you? See Information center for more information.)

Sexual Orientation:

Blood Type(Optional):

Birth Date(Optional):
February 26th

Star Sign(Optional):

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nathan is on the tall side, although not extraordinarily so, naturally lean built, with sharp, angular features. He tends to waver on the edge of lean and unhealthily thin, but living on the streets prohibits him from getting soft, and what weight he does have is mostly muscle. Strong bands stretch across his arms and abdomen, giving his slim form a hard appearance. His skin is fair, which only makes his numerous scars stand out even more, giving him a bit of a rough look. His hair is black and naturally straight, often growing too long and hanging into his blue eyes, which are by far his most intriguing feature. The irises are unique in their pure color and bright tone, strikingly blue with a starburst of golden yellow in the center around his frequently dilated pupils, fringed by dark, thick eyelashes and seemingly permanently framed by dark shadows. His eyes often have a glazed look, and he’s never been able to hide his emotions in them. They flash when he’s angry and soften when he’s feeling sentimental, but are most frequently possessed by a defensive, edgy look.

Height(optional): 6’

Weight(optional): Varies.

Body Type: (Athletic? Hefty? Lithe? Average? Something more detailed?)
Naturally lean, but muscular. Depending on his drug use at the time, however, “lean” can quickly go to “dangerously thin”.

Extra Feature: (Scars, tattoos, etc.)
As far as intentional body modification goes, Nathan has snakebites- two piercing on his bottom lip- as well as a medium-sized (two inches tall by three inches wide) black bird in flight tattooed on the left side of his back, near his shoulder blade.
Nathan also has more than his fair share of scars. His arms are littered with tack marks, new layered over old, the clusters of needle punctures forming lines along the major veins of his forearm, the left more heavily than the right. He also has small, round scars from cigarettes being put out on his skin, a couple on his wrist, one at the crook of his right elbow, three on his stomach near his hip, and two on his chest. His most impressive scar, however, his a long, thin line that starts at his right shoulder and curves down his bicep and to the inside of his elbow.

Extra Clothing/Gear:


Personality: (BE DESCRIPTIVE!)
Nathan is a junkie. His life revolves around using, and his personality has changed to match his lifestyle. When he’s high he’s self-confident to the point of arrogant, impulsive, paranoid, anxious, aggressive, and unstable at best, violent at worst. His mood swings drastically and without notice. Detox makes him especially desperate and violent.
Despite all of this, though, he is not without his redeeming qualities. He is extremely open-minded and non-judgmental, naturally a kind and thoughtful person, unwaveringly loyal, with an affinity and great talent for art. However, these redeeming traits are buried deep and generally only show when he’s sober.

Likes: Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and sex.
In a past life, art and the pursuit of love.

Dislikes: Being sober, crashing, figures of authority, those who pity him or try to help him, being told what to do, sleeping in alleys.

Goals: To live fast, to stay high as much as possible, and die young.

Fears: Getting sober and having to actually face his issues, bad trips, cops, heights, airplanes, and strangely enough, death, although he’ll never admit it even to himself.

Extra Information:


Nathaniel Spencer Taylor was born into a wealthy family and had a fairly normal childhood. He enjoyed the luxuries that rich kids enjoy, attended private schools, and was expected to grow up to become a successful lawyer just like his father. He was well on that path until he discovered his natural talent for and love of art, but his father quickly squelched that passion and told him to focus on more important things. His father was a workaholic, constantly away from home. He drifted in and out of his son’s life, only showing up when Nathan was in need of correcting to punish him, to set him straight, and then return to his reclusive lifestyle. He was cold, harsh, and at times mildly abuse to both Nathan and his passive, submissive, easily-frightened mother.
Nathan's distant father left him with a terminal craving for paternal love, and at the age of 13, he found another source of it. He started taking art lessons with a 27 year old man named John, in private to keep it hidden from his father. Artists, after all, were worthless drains to society in Mr. Taylor’s mind. Any hint of an artistic talent or flair from his son was punished and discouraged.
As the months wore on, Nathan’s bond with John became something more than your average teacher-student relationship. By the time he was 14, it had turned physical. The first time they made love John felt deep regret afterwards and told Nathan that they couldn’t see each other anymore. Nathan tried to return to a life void of art and love, but he could not stay away, and he went in search of John. He found him, and they were together for over 3 years before they were caught by Nathan’s very own mother. She had John arrested, and when he was questioned by the police he told the truth. John was put in prison for statutory rape, and Nathan was not allowed to see him or told what prison he was serving his time in.
Nathan’s life took a vicious turn for the worse after John was arrested. He blamed himself for his older lover's arrest. Guilt and shame were his constant companion, aggravated by the fact that his father was not afraid to show his disappointment or disgust in his “worthless fag of a son“. He stopped making art, and he stopped talking to people. His world turned dark. He withdrew so far into himself that no one could reach him.
He was completely reclusive and silent, until one day he heard another student at school call someone a faggot. It was if he awoke at that word, and upon awakening found himself in a sea of un-reconciled anger, just looking for someone to take it out on. He snapped. He beat the other student senseless, and was expelled from the private. He started going to a public school, where he fell in with “the wrong crowd” and tried cocaine for the first time. It was an escape, and he loved it. But it wasn’t until he was 17 and tried methamphetamine that he became truly addicted. Speed became his reason for living. It took away the guilt, shame, and anger and made him feel a blessed euphoria. It drug him from the depths of hell and flung him into heaven so fast that it gave him whiplash, and the high was worth the price he paid when he crashed.
His parents could tell something was wrong, and his father tried to correct it in his usual way. Nathan's home life turned more and more violent, but this time around he wasn't afraid to fight back. He was a livewire, constantly on edge and just waiting for an excuse to start a fight. One day, with anger as his motivator and the drug raging through his system to spur him on, he went too far, beating his father unconscious and hitting his mother when she tried to intervene.
He ran away from home that night, horrified at his own actions, fleeing the person he had become, and he’s been on the streets ever since.
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PostSubject: Re: Nathan Taylor   Nathan Taylor I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 9:06 pm

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Nathan Taylor
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