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PostSubject: Talia   Talia I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 10:50 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Talia Mirahza

Alias: Mirage

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Visual Age: 19

Race: New Dead

Type: Vampire

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type(Optional): B Negative

Birth Date(Optional): December 30th

Star Sign(Optional): Capricorn

Extra Information: Nothing to report.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Talia has the appearance of someone, in a photo. Her features are always accented, her smile permanent and her beauty never ending. Her voice is melodious, as if every word that comes out of her mouth is in song, which is almost in tone with her body. She is lean... skinny from head to toe, but in no way does that mean she's weak as for some reason she has physical strength within this guise of skinniness. Her body seems to naturally radiate with the scent of Vanilla and the scent of lilies in an icy field. While her personality may be that of a cold girl, her appearance seems to directly contradict her thoughts, as it is as warm as it is inviting. Her hair, lush and brown cascades brilliantly down to her upper back, framing the dark eyes she gazes so softly with. Red flecks of light, or perhaps.. blood are reflected in her eyes, no matter the light shining or the dark that creeps her eyes shine radiantly and proudly almost as a deterrent to the dark that has claimed so many before her. No matter how hard she tries, gaining a look similar to her father's, a man of great pride, always avails her. Her outer appearance took hold on her mothers looks.

Height(optional): 5'8

Weight(optional): 115 lbs

Body Type: Athletic, as she spent 12 years of her life as a Dancer, so she's as agile as she is undead.

Extra Feature: She has a Yin Yang tattoo on the spot of her stomach, right above her belly button.

Extra Clothing/Gear: None besides the clothes she used to wear as a human.


Personality: Talia is calm as she is kind. She rarely shows emotion other than happiness, and intrigue. She is cool even in battle. During a fight, she will get vibrant and vicious if the situation calls for it, but she likes controlling her surroundings, and letting her opponent just die out themselves. She's not one for murder, although her blade can be faster than most if she is truly called to battle.

Talia seems slightly shy towards physical proximity outside of a combat situation, as she is one to shy away from hugs or even physical embraces that people have bestowed on her, only shown touching someone when she hugs her close friends or family. She does however have a Vulnerable side, as she can store grief and pain in her for only so long, until she has to find a release, lest she lash out on those that are actually on her team. Besides all the flaws and stunts that she imposes, she's one of the most carefree girls you could meet once you finally get to know her. Relaxing with subordinates and superiors alike, it's a wonder how she ever made it this far without being reprimanded for some offense... but it seems that being such a likable girl has just improved her chances of coasting through life, with a smile.

Likes: She loves the cold, tastes relating to cinnamon and being with people that make her feel happy. Long Starlit nights are another of her favorites, and staying alive is without a doubt, her most FAVORITE thing to do... well it used to be.

Dislikes: Extreme heat, Vampires of course and yet people who discriminate against Vampires.Nutjobs who believe their side is better than all others, and their ends justify their means as long as they do it for the right cause.

Goals: Survival

Fears: The Darkness... interesting showing her current situation.

Extra Information: None.



Even at a young age, Talia was a strange child, having never really suffered from any pain nor any wounds, this disturbed her parents a little, although they let it slide. When Talia was 5 she was pushed through a window, where she fell 4 stories before crashing through the roof of her family's car. Her body was brought to the funeral home, when in the middle of negotiations for a proper burial, she rose from her slumber, slowly pulling shards of glass from her skin. Although her parents were overjoyed to have their daughter back, the owners of the funeral home, were deeply disturbed.

Because of this, Talia was forced to be set upon by the dark ones and the beasts trying to analyze her "ability". Nothing would, come of the testings, except the extreme watch on Clair. When Clair was 9 she was out walking, watched closely by the vampires of course, when she was submitted to live testing of her abilities. A vampire dressed as a civilian, ran up behind the girl and grabbed her by her throat, taking his fangs to her he silently bit her throat and left her body on the sidewalk to bleed out. The vampire ran away, as the researchers watched the scared 9 year old girl scream and cradle her throat.

They had no remorse for the girl, only a hunger to see about her true powers. She passed out on the sidewalk but 4 minutes later her body rose from it's slumber with the wound in the next slowly healing, and vanishing from her skin leaving no mark that it had ever existed. Standing from her blood drenched seat, she stared around as tears flowed from her eyes, she ran all the way towards her house, stifling her sorrow until she was safely in the arms of her parents.

It was within 2 weeks that the family uprooted from Miami and moved through the states before coming to rest in New York. Changing their images and professions they tried their best to hide from the assailants, however in the early year of 2002 Talia's parents were executed in a preemptive strike by the vampires, that had been slowly searching. Talia ran away from the government and her dead parents, taking up residence in New Delhi for 9 years, where she spent time underground, learning the language and taking training in numerous martial arts classes, boning up in self defense and becoming a master in at least 3 styles of combat. At the end of 2010, she took a plane back to the states, to try and resume a somewhat normal life. She took up a position as an English teacher in uptown Manhattan until the virus slowly circulating inside her finally took root and her "skills" were created. Of course she hadn't known about the powers, but as she slowly realised what was happening to her... her life became less important... and the thirst was all consuming.
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PostSubject: Re: Talia   Talia I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 10:55 pm

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