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PostSubject: Felix Demby   Felix Demby I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 8:47 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Felix Demby

Alias: Boethius

Gender: Male

Age: 243

Visual Age: 21

Race: Vampire

Type: Rogue?

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Blood Type(Optional):

Birth Date(Optional):

Star Sign(Optional):

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head & Face:
Felix has deep brown eyes, and shaggy brown hair. He keeps it short in the back, and long enough in the front and sides to cover the tops of his ears and fall in front of his face every-so-often. He generally sweeps his bangs over to the left, causing them to rest on his forehead as opposed to sitting in his eyes. Felix has a childish face, small and round. His chin is rounded, his lips thin. He has a cute button nose, and large eyes that always seem to be taking in information. Felix has no scars on his face, but running from behind his ear to about the middle of his neck is a scar from a fight back in his childhood that never went away. His ears are small and slightly pointed, giving him an all-around elfish appearance. Felix is often found wearing some form of fedora or other hat to block out the light from his face. He loves listening to music, and always has headphones either around his neck, or over his ears.

Upper Body:
Felix, having trained in martial arts for nearly three hundred years, has a well-built body. However, his muscles are compact and don't show very well. In other words, he has a lot of muscle, but he doesn't look like a body builder. His veins are always bulging on his arms because of the muscles he has, his skin pale which defines these veins even more. His hands are small, and a bit on the thick side. His fingers are longer but they also have a certain thickness to them, his knuckles bulging and bony creating a painful effect in his punches for both him and his opponents. Most of his height is in his legs, so his torso is short, but this only shows when he sits down. He is extremely skinny, his ribs showing slightly when his shirt is off. He has a six pack, but hides it with baggy t-shirts. Felix enjoys wearing t-shirts and a dress shirt over it, generally in matching colors. The T-shirts usually have some random, cool graphic on them, sometimes advertising the artists he listens to.

Lower Body:
The majority of Felix's height is in his legs. They are long, and powerful. The muscles on his legs, like the rest of his body, are compact but that doesn't mean they aren't there. Like most men he has larger feet, which he keeps protected with hardened leather combat boots. The boots have zippers up the side as opposed to laces, making it much easier for him to slide them on and off. He enjoys wearing jeans, which are usually covered in ink because of the doodles he makes on them when he is sitting down and doesn't want to pay attention to anything. His jeans are generally worn and torn a bit because of the nature of his job. He enjoys wearing random belts, generally studded or otherwise decorated in random dark fashions. His favorite belt to wear, however, is a simple belt with a black and white checkered pattern.

Distinguishing Features/Tattoos/Jewelry/etc.:
Felix only has a few distinguishing features. The first is the scar on his neck, a unique one that could be used to identify him should he be hunted once again. He enjoys wearing random wrist bands, generally with a cool graphic or quote on it, sometimes even song lyrics. Felix wears a lot of rings, mainly just metal bands and ones with random patterns, they change every day. However, the one that remains the same is the one on his right ring finger. This ring is an extravagant ring with a purple gem in the center and an angel theme to it. Gekkou has no tattoos, or scars other than the one on his neck.

Height(optional): 5'11"

Weight(optional): 150 lbs.

Body Type: Lean, muscular.

Extra Feature: See Distinguishing features

Extra Clothing/Gear: See above


Felix is a tricky bastard. He uses mind trick upon mind trick in multi-layered assaults on his opponent's mind, and allows for little chance of the opponent surviving his attacks. If he doesn't think and attack will be at least minimally effective he won't use it. Felix is an intense thinker, but he is by no means slow in coming up with a strategy. He thinks on his feet, spending the first chunk of a battle to completely measure his opponent before deciding the best way to take him down. He is vicious, leaving no opportunity for survival at all. However, he is not cruel, any and all kills he makes are as quick and as painless as he can make them. While in combat he disregards both his allies and his opponents, and would sooner run his ally through to get to his enemy than he would take a hit for them. In the heat of battle he shows no mercy for those who get in the way, because it is their fault. He will fight anyone but children, purely because he wants them to grow and become a real threat so that their death will be a greater honor down the road.

Interaction with people:
Felix is very personable. He really enjoys chatting with people, and often finds himself disguised in some bar or another so that he can chat without fear of a hunter assaulting him. He likes to think of himself as the ambassador of the vampires, because he is the best with conversation and negotiation that he has met of his kind. He is extremely charismatic, but it goes more deeply than that. His blunt honesty and ability to read people allows him to get deep inside people's heads fast. He can figure someone out simply through their mannerisms, physical appearance, reactions, and even what they say. With this he can either break them with a few sentences or get a woman to fall for him easily. This comes in handy often, as it allows him to pull cons and gain trust without all that much in the way of effort; feeding becomes significantly less tasking too. He loves being the one that everyone likes but no one talks to, because he honestly hates attention, but he hates loneliness even more. This all shows one very important personality trait; he tries to be humane. As a philosopher he fights his inner beast often, but at the end of the day usually gives up and embraces it. Felix has learned to use his small amounts of humanity and charisma to his advantage as a predator.

Felix is outwardly a very confident person. He fronts his confidence to keep people from finding his weak points. When he talks he seems arrogant, confident, and strong-willed. On the inside he lacks all arrogance, confidence, and strength in will. If it weren't for his lifestyle he would most likely break down at the slightest insult, but he forces himself to remain strong and keep acting the way he does. If one of his kind were to break down because someone made a jab at his dead mother the entire population would lose fear for them; and he'd be a far more juicy target. He truly hates himself, both for what hes done and what he can't do. Mentally he is constantly telling himself that he can't do things and that he sucks at everything he tries, even when its obvious that he doesn't.

Felix is a lover of wines and flowers, he spends most of his time in the public parks and gardens purely because he loves the brilliance of life. He really likes reading, and is often found walking around with his nose in a book, which usually ends in him hitting a person or a wall. His life is his music, he is always listening to it and finding more music to listen to and enjoy. He does not like pain, or people who talk about what they don't know. He hates being picked on, and seeing others get picked on. Not a fan of violence, Felix prefers dispatching of people with words or at least mind tricks to avoid bloodshed. He loves the colors silver and black, though he is often the first to point out that black isn't actually a color, and silver is a metal. He is afraid of drowning, ironically, and of being left alone. Felix wants to see a world where everyone is cared for, no one is forsaken, and even orphans in a rough neighborhood can sleep without fear; something he would never share with his more bloodthirsty relatives.

Likes: See above

Dislikes: See above

Goals: See above

Fears: See above

Extra Information: ~


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