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 Jasper Profile

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PostSubject: Jasper Profile   Jasper Profile I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 2:26 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Jasper Tobin Yamashita

Alias: Jas, J-Yam, Fluffy

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Race: Japanese and African American

Sexual Orientation: Closeted homosexual

Blood Type(Optional):

Birth Date(Optional): June 13

Star Sign(Optional): Gemini

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Jas is a tall, muscular young man of obvious mixed ethnicities. He resembles both his African-American mother and Japanese-American father - his hair is halfway between kinky and stick-straight, resulting in a cloud of frizz (usually kept in a ponytail, and contributing to his nickname, "Fluffy"). His skin is pale brown, a sort of cafe-au-lait color, his eyes are faintly slanted, and his eyelashes are thick and dark. His lips have been described as "kissable." Wink

Height(optional): 6'2"


Body Type: Athletic and muscular, but not muscle-bound.

Extra Feature: (Scars, tattoos, etc.) Jas has a very impressive set of scars from when he was attacked by the were-tiger that turned him. He has claw-marks across his stomach and right side, as well as additional claw-marks and bite-marks down his left leg. He isn't very shy about them, but doesn't show them off if he can avoid it.

Extra Clothing/Gear: Usually found in jeans and a t-shirt, and the t-shirt often has some quippy phrase on it. Anything Goodwill-indie-chic, without the "chic" part.


Personality: Consistently easy-going and friendly, though the fact that he spends a good amount of time as a cat has been making him a little more easily changeable when it comes to his moods. One minute playful, the next bored, just like any overgrown housecat. It takes some work to get him worked up and upset, but once he's there he can be ruthless with his anger. He has been known to get stubborn to a fault when he feels strongly enough.

Likes: good music, getting his hair/fur brushed (by friends only), bacon, basketball, orange soda, horror movies, space-epic sci-fi novels

Dislikes: anchovies, homophobes, annoying techno, girls getting touchy-feely, BOYS getting touchy-feely (without prior permission)

Goals: surviving, flippin' some damn good burgers, writing his way into English canon

Fears: losing control, pain, disappointing his family

Extra Information:



Jasper was a fairly normal kid ... at least, as normal as you can be when raised by the two very different sides of his family. He grew up and went to school in Seattle, Washington, and eventually started attending the University of Washington.

While studying abroad in Spain, Jasper was viciously attacked by a feral were-tiger. While his friends escaped with superficial scratches, he was basically mauled, and spent a month in the hospital. After he was released, he discovered a brand new set of abilities.

The attack and subsequent development of his lycanthropy changed his outlook on life, somewhat, and he dropped out of university and moved east to New York. He sought out the local lycanthrope community and found a new set of friends. Having abandoned a college degree, he went the opposite direction, working in a lycanthrope cafe as a cook. He found, to his surprise, that he preferred that sort of work, and left his writing to after-hours.

As far as the closeted-homosexual bit? Well, Jas tried the girlfriend thing once, and it was a collossal failure. Since then, he's mostly tried to keep romance at the bottom of his priority list. His family doesn't even know about his lycanthropy, let alone his sexual preferences. His friends may be informed about his alter-ego, but even most of them don't know exactly what kind of porn he likes. He experimented once or twice in college, enough to know that he's not asexual. Since then, lovers have been few and far-between. He won't put off sexual advances, but he won't encourage them, and don't expect him to proclaim anything. He likes his closet and has gotten rather cozy in it.
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Jasper Profile
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