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PostSubject: Hitman Destiny   Hitman Destiny I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 10:28 pm

Hitman Destiny Hitman_destiny_by_takaiofthefire-d381n4n

Ideas came from Ruru's Reborn Underground and my Hitman Dynasty Smile

The Dark Flame,a mysterious flame thought once to be one of the main 7 flames of the sky due to its properties. However, it was found out to be an evil flame that draws the darkness in people's hearts outward. The flame's first appearance was around the 1700's, when people were just finding out about the flames of sky and a mysterious set of flames unknown to mankind. A man had come to America in hopes of finding out about this black flame that was said to have come from Italy.
He journeyed america for years until he made it to what's now New York. The villagers there were all contaminated with the black flame and were trying to kill each other. The flames appearance were all different per person. It was like, a pure evil of the sky flames and the mysterious flame unknown to mankind. The flames mysterious disappeared after that. The black flame was once thought a myth until it made its way back to Italy and found Marian Primo and Storm Primo. A brother and sister who were inseperable until Marian Primo married.
The wife of the Marian Family's Primo was contaminated with the black flame, but somehow was able to keep it hidden that she was. After marriage, the black flame started to mess with the mind of Marian Primo, making him split both families up. The storm primo married the original owner of the family and he soon passed away, leaving her the head of the Storm Family. The Marian's wife passed away shortly after, but not before she split her flames into the ground, allowing all who want it to find it in america.
Presently, the flames have resurfaced in the body of Grey Marian's brother Alex Marian. It is up to the Storm Family and the Marian Family to fix the tension between the two families and put a stop to the black flame. It is currently unknown if any other families are being affected by this flame and Alex. But it is possible that it will happen.

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