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 Makuasiu Dante-Senri

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PostSubject: Makuasiu Dante-Senri   Makuasiu Dante-Senri I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 6:08 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name:Makuaisiu Dante-Senri




Visual Age:16


Type:Rotting Vampire

Sexual Orientation:Straight

Blood Type(Optional):Ab-

Birth Date(Optional):May.14

Star Sign(Optional):Taurus

Extra Information:N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Weight(optional):151 lbs

Body Type: Athletic. Kind of on the slender side.

Extra Feature:N/A

Extra Clothing/Gear:N/A


Personality: Makuasiu is an easily irritated person. He tends to be laid back until he hears or see something that he doesn't appreciate. He is usually one to think first before reacting but sometimes his anger gets the best of him. The best way to explain Makuasiu is bi-polar, yet he refuses to admit his problem. He isn't one to share what he considers his and if you think you can make him do otherwise then your in for a problem.He likes music, especially hip-hop. It reminds him of death. Makuasiu likes to fight but doesn't like arguments. He thinks that arguments are a waist of death. (vamp joke)

Likes:Pretty girls, Good Liquor, Sour Candy, Rock and Hip-hop Music,
and a Good Vamp Joke.
Dislikes:Arguments, Humor Senseless Vampires, and Country Music

Goals: To Become a Master Vampire.

Fears:Dying Twice.

Extra Information:N/A


History:The Change:Setting:A Summer night in Maryland. Makuasiu was walking from a ball at about 12:00 in the morning. He and some friends had a little bit to much wine to drink and decided to walk into the woods. While walking Makuasiu tripped upon a chain slicing his leg tendon just enough for the average vampire to smell his sweet AB- blood. At this time in history humans thought they knew everything about vampires but young Makuasiu didn't know what he was in for. One minute he was walking with his friends and the next they disappeared. He took it as a joke simply saying"Come on guys quit playing." All of a sudden a voice spoke to him,"Oh this is a joke but sadly your the victim."All of a sudden a man stepped from behind a tree. Makuasiu instantly swung at him landing a fist on his face. He spat blood and smiled. "You hit hard. Maybe i can use you for something else other than breakfast."The man approached Makuasiu and whispered in his ear"Your life awaits."Then Makuasiu felt two sharp pains in his neck. Then he lost consciousness. When he arisen he had a bad taste in his mouth. It was the taste of hate and bitterness." You've been sleep for days. I was hungry. You do understand that this isn't a partnership. I own you. At that time Makuasiu sat up and found that he had fangs protruding from his mouth."I'm hungry."Makuasiu yawned. The man threw him a little girl and watched."You might as well be ruthless if your gonna be my servant."Makuasiu peered upon the little girl that stared him back in his soulless eyes. All of a sudden he had an urge to rip the little girl's head from her shoulders. At first he attempted to fight it but then just accepted it . The man then said" You have just given away the last piece of what makes you human. Welcome to the Vampire world. Over the years the man taught him what to avoid and how to have a good time. When it came to mission Makuasiu was always subordinate. about 400 years later his master was killed by a lycan. This made Makuasiu angry at first. With his blood boiling he sat off to catch the lycan. about 300 years later he ran into him in a bar in New York. He beat the wolf brutally and when he prepared to kill him ,the lycan asked him why?" You killed the man that made me what i am. Why not?" I set you free. Isn't that what you wanted?"Makuasiu never thought about it before but at that moment he realized the lycan was right. He thanked the lycan and then killed him." Like you said if I;m gonna be a vampire might as well be ruthless."
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Makuasiu Dante-Senri
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