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 William Siegfried- Alpha Male of the Werewolves

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William Siegfried
Alpha Lycan
William Siegfried

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PostSubject: William Siegfried- Alpha Male of the Werewolves   William Siegfried- Alpha Male of the Werewolves I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 5:28 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: William Siegfried

Alias: The White Beast

Gender: male

Age: 26

Race: Lycan/Werewolf

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birth Date(Optional): January 24th

Extra Information: Also a legend in his Clan due to what he does.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Human form:

Feral form:

Hybrid form:

Height(optional): 6'1"

Weight(optional): 170lbs

Body Type: Athletic and well toned.

Extra Feature: Tattoo of his pack or how he calls it his Clan; located on his right shoulder blade.

Extra Clothing/Gear: William likes to wear what ever makes him look best. Often times when not in school he likes to wear normal white long/short sleeved shirt under a zipper hoody. There are two he's known to wear the most; one a slim fitting black hoody, with a few skull designs on it, and the other a white hoody with a good number of black crosses with some pretty cool art work designed on it. William is known for wearing nothing but cargo pants or skate shorts when outside of school. His shoes are either skate shoes, or running shoes. He also wears a red scarf with a black flame design on it when in military wear and civilian wear.

Military wear:
A standard issue black service uniform with five silver stars on his shoulders, and the his clan's symbol on both sides of his selvees. He wears a normal military service uniform just completely black and with a Kevlar vest over it, along with arm guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and shoulder pads. He also wears the same skate shoes like in his civilian wear.

For gear he tends to use two beretta 9mm's that are loaded with blessed hollow point rounds. Each pistol has been customized with his clan symbol on the pistol grip and his name along the barrel. He also uses two small combat knives each which hang from his belt at all times, along with a large metal cross.


Personality: He doesn't act all high and mighty because he knows what he's supposed to do and why he's supposed to do it. He's also a pretty cool laid back guy who doesn't seem to talk to a lot unless there is reason. He also loves to show off his body since he has full confidence in it, as well as his so called “Award winning smile” which he keeps on almost all the time both in public and out of public view. However he usually tries to act like the peaceful fun loving guy around his people.

When on duty though he's a whole different person. He's respectful, kind, understanding, and helpful, yet he is also quite sarcasitc at times. He doesn't start fights, he's the type of man who ends the fights through words rather then action. He is a strong willed man who's seen hell and has came back. He's seen things that would turn a mans hair white, but he still manages to keep his sanity, and his humanity. He will always try to help out all those in need of support. He never turns down a chance to go on tour, as it allows him to look more human when he's over seas trying to help the and gather the rest of humanity together so that one day they can resume their natural lives without the threat of the undead or crazied. During combat he is someone NO one wants piss off. Due to how he hates fighting. You follow orders or your dead to him basically because he doesn't need idiots running around with their heads cut off. He needs men and woman to listen to his orders stay orginized, and disiplined. He wants everyone to come back in one peace. If your act out or don't follow orders and get people killed its instant death for putting others in danger. As is the law for his Clan/Pack.
Likes: Woman, sex, helping others, keeping peace, his mate, his brothers (pack/clan)

Dislikes: Fighting, Vampires, other lycans that aren't Werewolves.

Goals: to ensure that werewolves are the dominate race of Lycan's.

Fears: losing his mate.

Extra Information: Also likes to cook, clean, and run the company Grey Wolf.


William was born into a family of Lycan's who were Werewolves, and proud of their race. After all they had once controled a good bit of power in Europe during the dark ages, and the Napolean era. William was only but 1 year old when his family was slain right before his eyes by a group of Vampire soldiers, and one of the Vampire masters who later on was killed by William himself. Due to his families death those loyal to William's family clan who survived took him away and went to find a place for him to hide, of course though they knew William would suffer a life of sorrow, and hate if he was to be raised amoungst his own kind who were being hunted down and killed by the Vampire master who had killed the Siegfried Clan/Pack. So the current Alpha male took his human form and went to New York, where he gave William up to for adoption, his hopes were that one day William would get to be in a kind and caring family who would watch and take care of him. However he needed to hide the fact William was a Lycan so when the tried to do some blood tests the Alpha switched the blood tubes out for a normal human child. Afterwords William was taken in without hesitation and then the Alpha left with tears in his eyes and shame in his heart in giving up his previous Alpha's son up when he wished he could have raised him to be his pup. Sadly William would be safer living a human life rather than a Lycan and would be able to get a job in the future if his powers didn't start up when he came of age.

William sadly was not taken in by anyone and lived alone most of his life, going through school with the dreams of one day being able to own and run a business, and hopefully one day find his real true parents. Although when William came of age during grade 7 his life was thrown into chaos during the first full moon from which he was unable to control himself nor remember anything of what he had done. Instead he was forced to live with the fact he most likely had killed someone during the days he had changed into a Werewolf, and his beast side went out on the hunt, doing what was natural for a wolf to do, and when threatened he'd attack and kill anything that tried to cause him harm. William soon began to hate what he was when he was in grade 9 due to the fact he was unable to control anything. The only good thing about being a Lycan was that he was stronger, faster, smarter, and could run miles without having to worry about losing breath, or getting tired. However the downside was he couldn't be in a relationship, and he needed to eat more than normal human beings. It was hard for William not to get into a relationship of some kind since he was one of the popular ones who many wanted to hangout with and many woman wanted to go out with. Sadly he had to be a loner for most his outside life telling his friends he was to busy with other things or that he had to go to work when the truth was he was training himself to be able to control his powers, and stop his transformation during a full moon. This was not fairing well for him though, but he kept on trying and pushing himself to new heights.

Then came grade 10 and William was now 16 and was bored with everything. So while still attending highschool he would join the Military reserves. He would get to do things others wouldn't and would have more freedom in a way and a higher paying job then all his friends. So William quickly went and did all the tests, passing each with flying colours. So after a few months of waiting William was called and asked to come down to be sworn into the US Army. Once sworn in he was pitted into BT and every long vacation he had from school was spent doing BT. By grade 11 William was a Corporal in the US Army reserves and was standing full of pride and happiness in what he was and who he was. However he was still dealing with his transformations which he did quite well at hidding away from the military and even his friends. Although he was still training himself to be able to control his powers he was pushing his body to limits a normal human being would out for a good number of days. Yet he kept pushing on and kept fighting to ensure he wouldn't transform again.

Then after his graduation from HighSchool he was offered a full time spot in the military due to him being 18 and being done with school. He took the offer but he had also used the military to get a free education. So during his service he studied business in Uni, and was doing well at being a grunt and student. Then when he turned 19 he had finally master control over his beast self, and could transform at will now. Sadly though he could not stop himself from transforming during a full moon yet, but he was pretty happy to know he'd be able to control himself when he was in his Werewolf form. So he kept pushing further to become a stronger man and to be a stronger Lycan. Then when he was 20 he had found a rather large pack of his own kind of Lycan's who were being lead by a rather brutish and annoying man who was power hungry and killed all who got in his way. William then laughed for a whole two hours when he thought of joining them. He thought the idea was crazy but then again he had also reached the stage in which he was a Hybrid Werewolf. Either way even if he did think it was crazy he knew it best to be with his own kind, and he started to plan taking over the large pack in New York.

After two years he had finally become strong enough to challange the Alpha male, and take the head of the bastard all while using everything he had learned. So when the day came William and the Alpha started a fight to the death. In the end William had won the battle taking the head of the Alpha, using both his military training and what he had learned with his kind. When William took power he promised he wouldn't be like the previous one and promised better lives for his kind, and in so doing he began to plan ways to gain a large amount of money. He had also worked on saving up his money and had worked to finish his courses in Uni. After another two years his pack had gained all they needed and William had finished his course and everything he needed to start a business. So as soon as he had met with his pack and told them the plan they all pitched in to join him and help build a location as their new home and HQ. During this time he had also changed in looks such as his hair was now white/grey, his iris' were red, and his teeth were that of a wolf. So he left the military and went on to starting his business.

The next year William found out about his parents and who had killed them a master Vampire living near New York. William wanted nothing but revenge and the head of the one who had killed his family. So he declared war on that Vampire and his army, and after a few months he and his pack had overwhelmed the Vampire and his forces. When the two leaders meet face to face William howeled into the night after he ripped off the Vampires head. William and his pack had gained much and had a territory in New York and had some lands outside of the city. He also gained a new home for his pack and had kept to his word. A few months later a large group of Vampire hunters came to William's doors asking for support William smiled and agreed, and build a massive underground base for them.

Now William is at his Villa near the forested areas of the New York state and is running both his pack and his business.

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PostSubject: Re: William Siegfried- Alpha Male of the Werewolves   William Siegfried- Alpha Male of the Werewolves I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 10:41 pm

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William Siegfried- Alpha Male of the Werewolves
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