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PostSubject: Winx Beginning   Winx Beginning I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 10:25 pm

Winx Beginning 104kz6h

Long ago witches attacked...

As special warriors fought valiantly

Time and Time again...the darkness fell

But then.....

A special report was broadcasting, for an extremely dark cloud had set over the realm. It was suppose to blow over, however sudden elements began attacking. The people scattered, and the special warriors rose up to fight. One by one the warriors fell, for some strange reason their inner strength had...dissipated. One by one the warriors fell, for some strange reason their inner strength had...dissipated and darkness seeped over the land. As one hundred years moved on, Sparks went into cold state. Solaria's two sun's blacked out, and instead of sunny days, everything was eternal night. Zenith was the worst, as technology began to run the kingdom, and it's people enslaving them all. Melody's instruments once played made their inhabitants vanish, almost out of thin air. Linphea's, vegetation ran wild and all it's inhabitants were rooted to the ground. Tides's planet was fully emerged in freezing cold water, and all it's people froze into a cryogenic state.Earth went into a frozen state, as centuries of war went by, one by one the guardians fell. The planets protected themselves for a year, royal families of the dimensions realizing it wasn't safe headed to earth, as seven girls--the next guardians were born.

Welcome to the City of Magix, over a hundred years since the witches attack have passed. The planets of several still in ruins, and the witches found neither spell, nor any other way to un-freeze them. Earth seems to be the only one finally un-froze, for a special barrier created by it's former guardians pet is around Earth. In schools transformation and spells outside; if not for special, reason has been banned. Due to certain histories known, some faeries abilities have been bound together, but who knows they may just un-bind. Some break the rules as others follow, but then again magic is all around. In this time of 3026, new Faeries, Witches and Specialist have raised. Nevertheless, little does everyone know...darkness is arriving? The magic is back, and the special warriors are needed to prevail again.
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Winx Beginning
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