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 Rurik D. Fang (Finished)

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PostSubject: Rurik D. Fang (Finished)   Rurik D. Fang (Finished) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 06, 2011 12:31 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Rurik D. Fang

Alias: Savage Cub

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Visual Age:

Race: Lycan

Type: WereLion

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Human Form

Beast Form

Height(optional): 5"9'

Weight(optional): 128

Body Type: Medium, Athletic

Extra Feature: N/A

Extra Clothing/Gear: Rurik is usually seen in his school uniform, but thats mostly on school days. When out of his school he tends to lean towards the graphic tees and blue to darker jeans. He wears two chains, one thin linked chain and one long linked chain with a lion symbol on it. He has a light blue, long sleeve jacket with a folded collared and a black zipper attached hoodie under it. His foot wear consists of sneakers usually matching the current outfit he has own.



Not to say that his life is a constant chain of battles but this aspect of his personality is important as well. Lets begin with the reason for him fighting. It's to be noted that he has a short temper and can unintentionally start fights with his witty and undeserved comments. If he starts a fight this way, you won't find him backing down seeing as he probably did it out of spite towards the person or because he felt what they were doing was unjust. Though most of the time you'll find hes fighting to jump towards his dream or out of protection for loved ones.

Rurik Inside and Out
Rurik outside of combat has many traits and flaws. He is kind and strong and has the heart of a lion. Though he tends to be stubborn and reckless. He always rush into battles and yells at that which he doesn't understand. When it comes to girl he has and probably will continue to be called dense. Not understanding when girls are flirting with him or not. Though to most girls he would shrug off to the side. Their is one girl that he likes, but would never tell. He walks around with an aura that screams loner, when in reality he craves to be social. Rurik keeps his powers under raps and laughs when his friends call him weak or scrawny. He finds it extremely humorous that he could crush his friends with little to no effort.

Likes: The Chase, Sparring, Girls, Games But Keeps It Secret

Dislikes: WereLeopards, Vampires, Sweets,

Goals: His goal is to get his own pride and make his dream of uniting the world under a Werelions rule.

Fears: That his Dream will never happen.

Extra Information:



Born in the wooded areas of New York. Rurik was born to a pair of young WereLions. They roamed New York mostly on the hunt, they passed into others territories and have been attacked. But together the two was strong being able to take out Vampire Soldiers and other Lycans in the area. As a cub Rurik was always playful and energetic. Playing with his stern and aggressive father and cuddling with his fun-loving mother. Together they lived a life of stability, eating when they could and teaching Rurik when at all possible to be a Lycan and understanding what he is. It wasn't until the age of seven that he actually started participating in the hunts and killing his prey. Which mostly consisted of small vermin and other animals. When he turned ten his parents thought it best for them to begin to live in the world of humans. They bought a apartment with the money they obtained in the suburban area of New York. It took Rurik five years to grow use to the customs of regular humans. In his separation from humans it was dire that they taught him to control his transformation from beast to human. When he first transformed at the age of thirteen it was sorta of confusing and angering to him but he got over it and in time learned to control it. He now lives his life in a suburban neighborhood spending his life excelling at all things humans can't. He attends a high school finding most things humans are interested in extremely boring.
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Rurik D. Fang (Finished)
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