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 Obsidian Butterfly

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OB Staff

PostSubject: Obsidian Butterfly   Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:48 pm

There are whispers about the coming siblings, eleven powerful beings, and they’re out for blood. They want the people who were in charge of their changes, who abducted and raped their innocent people. Who dared to touch two of their sister’s, and make one of them completely forget them. They’re out for blood, could the Soudre de Sangs be in the line of fire?

Stefania is obliviously happy for the first time in a long time, thanks to her new human servant Jonah. The irresistible sexy fire twirler who stole her heart and bed. But did she really think that she could forget about Tommy? There are mutterings that a vampire turned him behind her back. Their connection shattered the instant he was killed. Was it possible for a human servant to be turned?

The hostility between some of the shifter groups within St. Louis is beginning to get out of hand. The secretive rogues proving to be a little too much to handle. Treaty’s have been broken, loyalties tested and new beginning’s only around the corner. Could two very special twins be born into the start of a turf war that could endanger their innocent lives?

What make OB different?
- Friendly Staff
- Portfolio power scheme
- Great Member challenges
- Fun and enthusiastic posters on 24/7
- Exciting Learning Atmosphere
- Excepts all levels of experienced players.

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Obsidian Butterfly
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